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Jazzmaster® / Stealth Humcanceld Replacement Pickup
A Stealth humcanceled pickup made to fit in a Jazzmaster no mods which retains the most Vintage Jazzmaster tone with no hum.
Add a Black, Cream or White cover for $5


This is a Stealth humcanceled pickup that is designed to fit under your stock Jazzmaster cover and it still look stock JM-V pickup.

The JM-HC is as close as you will get to the JM-V in a humbucker. I press the rod magnets into the bobbin, as wind it to the same output.

I can also do a Stealth JM-PAFs: It is designed the same as my JM-PAF it is just designed stealth to hide under your stock Jazzmaster cover. The best combo for my Stealth pickup is a JM-HC in the neck and a JM-PAFs in the bridge.

jm-wr pickup jm-wr pickup
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