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p-90 pickupP-90
P-90® Replacement Pickup
Wound to vintage specs

Get your custom tone today!

JM-GF GoldFoil

Jazzmaster® Replacement Pickup
Made in the spirit of a vintage Harmony Goldfoil pickup specs
Black, Cream or White cover Included


If you have ever played a vintage Harmony Jupiter, or Silvertone Stratotone you know what a Goldfoil pickups is and know how amazing that tone is. I have repaired many many of this vintage pickups over the years so I have all the correct specs, the correct magnet, steel base plate, etc... I installed this pickup in my 62 Jupiter pictured below and it was indistinguishable from the stock pickup.

Here it is in a Jazzmaster form factor, I admit I am not pleased with the cover, I have tired a few patterns which did not do it for me, so for now it is a solid cover, or I can use pole piece cover and put the gold foil behind it as you see in the picture below. The thing to note is the TONE is there!

jm-gf pickup jm-gf pickup jm-gf pickup jm-gf pickup
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