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"Curtis seems to have found that elusive magic that only Leo Fender had before him...these pickups each have their own distinct personality without straying from that true vintage vibe."   Read more from our customers...


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Widerange style Humbucker Pickup
Hand wound to true vintage specs with rod magnets, or to your desired specs
Gold and Black Nickel add $20


Mounting screws and springs $5
Want to have that great Fender style Wide Range tone in a guitar that does not have the larger WRHB route? This is wound to the same specs as my full sized WRHB replacement . this pickup will work great in your Blacktop, or guitar which has a Gibson sized route. They sound just the same as the old Fender Wide Range Humbucker. I hand wound them to true vintage WR specs with threaded rod magnets, or to your desired specs. I hear Some think you can not wind the smaller bobbins it the higher vintage resistance that the WRHB requires, but I guess I am just very skilled. I use the correct #42 wire and can easily wind them up to vintage spec. Over the years I have repaired many originals, and have reworked well over a hundred of the reissues to vintage specs, so I am very familiar with how these were made and how they SHOULD sound.

Here is a magazine article I collaborated on this article on how the Reissue differs from the original Wide Range pickup
Here are a couple reworks I did for Lee.
    Proto Type 2.0 Revoiced WRHB
    Proto Type 1
You can hear the sound clip of it here

Hum-WR Sound Clip

jag-v pickup

Here is a cool example where I installed Hum-WR in a Squire Jaguar. It really worked out well converting it to a Jaguar style Jazzblaster. I would next love to get my hands on one of these Vintage Modified TeleĀ® Custom it really makes an affordable Tele Deluxe

jag-v pickup jag-v pickup jag-v pickup
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