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Firebird® Replacement Pickup
Wound to vintage specs or to your custom specs


Mounting screws and springs $5
This pickup looks similar to the Mini Humbucker but it is actually very different! I have examined many Vintage, and reissue Firebird pickups, and as usual most of the modern after market Firebird pickups are NOTHING like the vintage ones. I make mine true to vintage specs this requires that I spend quite a bit of extra money to have custom bar magnets cut, which is why others just put Mini Humbucker parts in them. My Firebird pickup has the correct bar magnets, and steel reflector plate. If you want your reissue Firebird to sound like a vintage Firebird this is the pickup for you. I have modeled this pickup after an amazing sounding '63 Firebird, but as usual I custom wind everything so I can wind it to your desires.

Firebird pickup
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