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Bass VI 1961

Bass VI 1961® Replacement Pickup
Price is for each pickup and includes Pickup, over, ring and all mounting hardware.


I am very proud to finally add this pickup to my line up of great rare vintage pickups. This original version of the Fender Bass VI pickup was produced for only 1 year from late 1961 to late 1962, when they changed production to the Jaguar style pickup. Being a rare pickup most people have never played one. The common internet lore was it basically was a Strat pickup, but with the large base plate and the ferrous steel ring surrounding the pickup it has much more body and lively like a Tele bridge pickup. The other unique feature of this pickup is that the pickup is mounted to the ring and the ring is the adjustable part that is suspended with springs. It makes the pickup very resonant and lively. Jack Bruce used this bass on the early Cream recordings.

1961 Bass VI pickup

1961 Bass VI pickup

1962 Bass vi covers pickup
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